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Kobayashi, Daisuke
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Graduate School of Economics & Business Administration Hokkaido University
Invention and Development : Toward Schumpeters early innovation theory
Discussion Paper, Series A, 292: 1-10
"(...) It has been the consensus among researchers that Schumpeter clearly distinguished the notions of innovation and invention, even neglecting the notion of invention in his work. Consequently, there has been very little effort made to tackle the relationship between Schumpeterís development theory and the invention theories that were popular in the fields of anthropology and archaeology at that time, making it difficult to grasp how Schumpeter elaborated his own development theory. However, a close examination of his early works demonstrates that Schumpeterís development theory can also be understood in the context of the debates surrounding the notion of invention. In "Theorie der wirtschaftlichen Entwicklung", Schumpeter presented his static agent/innovator dyad with reference to ideas or terms used in the debates of invention being conducted around that time by anthropologists and archaeologists. In the present paper, the author seeks to depict the history of the concept of invention, helped by the work of BenoÓt Godin, and discusses how Schumpeter presented his development theory based on the ideas involved in the invention debates. (...)"
[invention, evolutionism, diffusionism, unilinear development, psychic unity]
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