ECER 2022, Yerevan and ECER Plus: Education in a Changing World: The impact of global realities on the prospects and experiences of educational research

22.08.2022 - 10.09.2022

Ort: Eriwan

Land: Armenien

"(...) The background to the organisation and hosting of ECER 2022 in Yerevan is one that has been indelibly and fundamentally influenced by the experience of the Covid-19 pandemic. The initial rhetorical, political and social reactions to this profound global challenge paradoxically, although perhaps understandably, emphasised the necessity to engage in unprecedented actions in order to ensure continuity with the as it was world prior to January 2020. These actions have had a profound effect at all levels of society and have been global in scale. As we consider their impact, what has become increasingly clear is that the two centrifugal forces of interdependency and individuality remain at the heart of most social endeavours and continue to have a profound impact on education and educational research. (...)"

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