AutorIn 1:
Amorim Varuma, Celeste
AutorIn 2:
Melo, Carla
HerausgeberIn 1:
Department of Economics, Management and Industrial Engineering, University of Aveiro,
Directions in Scenario Planning Literature – A Review of the Past Decades
Aveiro, Portugal
"(...) This paper provides a systematized overview of patterns in the scenario planning literature published in the last decades. Recently, scenario planning has enjoyed a revival, apparent in the „boom‟ in published research on the matter. Consequently, a major issue that needs to be addressed is how to organize the literature along precise lines. A number of reviews that describe the current status of the body of literature and knowledge on scenario planning have made attempts to respond to such requirements. These studies agree that systematizing the existing literature is a necessary step in developing the field. This paper aims to contribute to this purpose. The review of the academic literature here conducted is thought to be useful for both academics and practitioners. For researchers, this systematic overview will not only be constructive in providing an analysis of the directions of published research but also in setting up a research agenda for the future. For managers and practitioners, it provides a clear outline of firmrelated articles and discusses their contribution from a managerial point of view. It also raises awareness with regard to future analytical methods, and in particular, to scenario planning and its potential contribution to the competitiveness of firms. (...)"
[Future studies, Scenarios, Bibliometric Methods, management techniques]
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