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International Telecommunication Union (ITU)
Digital Skills Assessment Guidebook
"(...) Digital skills are fast becoming essential for people to navigate ordinary day-to-day activities such as using a mobile phone to transfer money to family members via digital financial services, using the Internet for remote education classes and to research, prepare and deliver coursework, and acquiring basic skills for staying safe online. In the workplace, digital skills are required for an ever-growing number of jobs, and even in traditionally manual sectors like agriculture, digital applications are beginning to make inroads, with a corresponding requirement for some level of digital literacy. (...)
As necessary digital skills continue to grow in number and complexity, countries are in need of well-structured approaches to identify current digital skills levels and manage future requirements. To assist Member States in this process, ITUís Digital Skills Assessment Guidebook has been designed to serve as a comprehensive, practical step- by-step tool for national digital skills assessments. The guidebook can be used to determine the existing supply of a digitally skilled cohort at a national level, to assess skills demand from industry and other sectors, to identify skills gaps, and to develop policies to address future digital skills requirements. It is designed for use by policy-makers and other stakeholders, such as partners in the private sector, non-governmental organizations, and academia. (...)"
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