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Chetty, Yuraisha
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Department of Institutional Statistics and Analysis - University of South Africa
Graduateness and employability in the higher education sector: A focused review of the literature
"(...) In recent years, the global higher education environment and labour market have been characterised by an increasing preoccupation with the concept of graduateness. The impetus has been a greater understanding of the role that higher education can play in contributing to the new knowledge-based economy, which needs to be driven by highly skilled, competent and flexible individuals. Universities are increasingly responsible for producing employable graduates to contribute significantly to a knowledge-driven economy. However, this responsibility is not without its challenges. The disconnect between what universities produce and what employers want is problematic, with universities under increasing pressure to close the gap. Furthermore, criticisms levelled against the notion of universities merely producing graduates for the workplace are commonplace. Graduateness is a multifaceted concept which requires a more nuanced understanding. This paper will provide a focused review of the literature in order to highlight the various dimensions of graduateness, with a particular emphasis on its relationship to graduate employability. (...)"
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