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Eurydice Network
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European Commission/EACEA/Eurydice
Citizenship Education at School in Europe - 2017
Publications Office of the European Union
"(...) The general objective of this report is to provide a current and comprehensive picture of national policies in the area of citizenship education in schools across Europe, at a moment when increasing demands are being made on education and training systems to promote this area of learning. This report has four chapters, each addressing different aspects of citizenship education: 1. Curriculum organisation and content; 2. Teaching, learning and active participation; 3. Student assessment and school evaluation; and 4. Teacher education, professional development and support. Four case studies on recent policy initiatives in the area of citizenship education in Belgium (Flemish Community), Estonia, France and Austria accompany the chapters. The report is based on qualitative data provided by the Eurydice Network on the relevant official regulations and recommendations and is complemented by findings from the academic literature. It does not analyse the implementation of regulations and recommendations and consequently does not examine how citizenship education is delivered in practice at school level. Data for the case studies has been collected through interviews with key actors involved in those policy initiatives. (...)"
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