AutorIn 1:
Letschert, Jos
AutorIn 2:
Klep, Joost
AutorIn 3:
van Haperen, Toon
weitere AutorInnen:
Csapó, Benő; Valle Javier M; van Woensel, Chris u.a.
HerausgeberIn 1:
CIDREE/SLO: Consortium of Institutions for Development and Research in Education in Europe/Netherlands Institute for Curriculum Development
The integrated person. How curriculum development relates to new competencies
"(...) This new CIDREE yearbook fits very well in the themes of the yearbooks originated until now. All themes deal with aspects of the changing face of education. This yearbook focuses on competencies we expect from pupils to cope with expectations and needs of post-modern societies and to fulfil their individual well-being. The assumption is that factual knowledge is so fleeting and that the amount is so uncontrollably large, that education can better focus on methods of knowledge acquisition and meta-cognitive skills, instead of overestimating the process of transferring knowledge. Core curricula in CIDREE member states tend in a direction of abandoning specified content schedules and core objectives, in favour of broader goals, often indicated as competencies to obtain or to aim at. (...)"
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