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Motoi, Gabriela
The Challenges and Opportunities of Green Economy and Green Jobs from a Global to a European Approach
Social Sciences and Education Research Review (7) 2 195 - 205 (2020)
"(...) This article represents a theoretical approach to the analysis of two concepts: the green economy and green jobs, between which there is a causal relation: the development of the green economy, a concept developed since the end of the 20th century, brings with it opportunities for the global labour markets and, thus, leads to the emergence of green jobs. For this article we have used systemic approach (transition from global to European level) to show how the green economy is seen and how societies have developed initiatives to create and develop green jobs. The idea around which the article is articulated is that the development of the green economy and, implicitly, of green jobs, must not be seen only as a saving solution to the crises (economic, climatic, social, health) facing global society, but also as normal social realities, specific to the society of the XXI century, a society built on the pillars of growth, inclusion, and environmental protection. (...)"
[Green Jobs, Green Skills, Green Economy, Sustainable Development, Green Growth, Green Jobs, Nachhaltigkeit, Íkologie, Íkonomie, Íkologisierung, Berufssoziologie, Arbeitssoziologie, Arbeitsforschung, Qualifikationen, Hard Skills, Soft Skills, Human Resources, Qualifikationen, Qualifikationsbedarfe, Umweltpolitik, Wirtschaftspolitik]
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 Social Sciences and Education Research Review