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Adair, Michael
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Alternalearn Inc
Occam’s Failure: How the Law of Parsimony in Research Methodology Hinders Definitive Consensus in Education Technology
Academia Letters, Article 4236
"(...) Even while technological innovation in education has continually accelerated in the past decade due to massive growth of online activity, academic researchers are struggling to reach an overall consensus over the mixed results of these new emergent Education Technologies (EdTech). Some researchers are still unsure of the exact mechanisms within these technologies that produce the various mixed results we see in the data, while other researchers are busy blaming the other academic disciplines involved for failed methodologies producing the inconclusive results or calling for more rigor and parsimonious research. A few have even begun referring to EdTech as the wild west, summoning images of public hangings of “failed hypothesis,” abandoned “EdTech Innovation” shanties and constant academic friendly fire. The thesis of this article to argue that the Principle of Parsimony, while a key strategy for most scientific enterprises and promoted by all, is a fundamentally unjustifiable research strategy for collaborative research into EdTech systems and is the likely cause for all of the turmoil and confusion due to fundamentals aspects that remain resilient to Parsimony, along with the compounding problems arising from a field that requires inter- disciplinary cooperation. (...)"
[Law of Parsimony, Education Technology, Research Methodology, Occam’s Razor, Berufspädagogik, Berufsbildungsforschung, Didaktik, Digitalisierung]
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 Academia Letters, Article 4236