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Fraguela Collar, Andrés
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Rosas Colín, Carmen Patricia
Rethinking Teacher Competencies of the 21st Century
Academia Letters, August 2021
"(...) The competencies paradigm has dominated educational policy in teaching, learning, and assessment in the last two decades. However, since its inception, it is known that this educational paradigm has been questioned for lacking, among other things, solid cognitive and pragmatic foundations [1, 2, 3]. On the other hand, when promoting generic or transversal competencies, the interests are directed to develop them in the students. Instead of in teachers, didactic competencies or the so-called digitization of teaching is the focus point [3]. But what about generic competencies in teachers? Can the teacher teaches what he has not developed in himself? Even though the answer to this question is a truism –because it is known that no one can teach something he does not know¾, in the practical reality of many countries that aspire to social and economic development, this obviousness is overlooked. This panorama has led us to establish three interlocking discussion points from which rethink the pillars of teacher training for the 21st Century: 1) Vindication of teacher career; 2) the relevance of teaching basic disciplinary concepts, and 3) a different approach for teaching training from a competencies model according to the challenges of this Century. Simultaneously with the reflection of these points, we are designing our teaching training alternative proposal for its soon implementation. (...)"
[Berufsbildungsforschung, Kompetenzentwicklung]
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 Rethinking Teacher Competencies of the 21st Century